The Vans Winter Style Guide

Looking for some winter wear inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the kids, our guide details everything you need to know about styling your winter wardrobe and keeping warm.

What to wear in winter

It might seem obvious, but knowing how to dress in winter is tricky for many. There are so many choices available that it’s often difficult to create a unique style that covers all bases. It’s always best to start with key winter wear pieces and build from there.


Whatever your winter style, a couple of good outerwear pieces are a must. You’ll want a dressy coat for more formal occasions and a casual coat or jacket for everything else. In winter, it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll be taking your coat off, so let your outerwear do the talking. Think bold prints, classic cuts and outrageous styles!


Like outerwear, you can’t go wrong with good-quality jumpers and sweatshirts. From casual crew neck sweaters to oversized hoodies and half-zips, there are winter warmers to suit every style. It’s worth having a selection of jumpers you can call upon in the cold weather, with something for every occasion.


While chinos might not be the best move if you’re walking around in the rain all day, they’re a wardrobe staple for dry cold weather. Thick material means your legs will stay warmer for longer, and if you want to, you can stick some good old long socks underneath - no one will ever know!


European weather can be unpredictable, so layering up is key. Opt for a base layer of a long sleeve top or t-shirt, a jumper or sweatshirt, and a coat. This way, you can remove layers if you get too warm and pop them back on if the wind bites. If it’s really cold, consider some thermal underlayers like leggings and vests.


No outfit is complete without a good pair of shoes. Your choice of footwear is especially important in winter when you want to keep your toes warm and dry. Depending on where you’re headed, you want shoes that will hold in the warmth while allowing your feet to breathe.
If you’re planning on adventuring outdoors, the Vans All Weather MTE range offers a selection of shoes that protect your feet from the elements. Think water-resistant uppers, UltraCush performance foam and Primaloft insulation.


Complete your winter wear wardrobe with some cold-weather essentials. Hats are a must when it’s windy out, and we love a beanie. Your winter style should also include some quality gloves and a scarf or two. To keep those feet extra toasty, invest in thicker socks that look good under your jeans or over your leggings.

What are the best winter styles for men?

When it comes to winter wear for men, there are a few different looks you could go for. It all depends on the occasion and what suits your style, but here are some ideas to get you started.

Cool and casual

If you like a toned-down winter look, opt for a casual vibe. Think straight-leg or skinny jeans, lots of layers, sweatshirts and oversized jackets. Trainers are a good option, especially those with added warming properties.


For someone who likes to dress up, winter wear is more fitted, and you opt for natural materials like wool. We love dark jeans, knitted sweaters with polo shirt collars peeking out and classic-cut coats. Your footwear is a little more formal - boots or plain, dark hi-tops are a good choice.

Edgy and unforgettable

Edgy style is all about making a statement. Baggy jeans, multiple layers and bright colours are all wardrobe staples. Your footwear is a little out there - choose bold prints and head-turning designs. Complete your look with a beanie, and you’re all set.

What are the best winter styles for women?

Like men’s fashion in winter, women have several different styles to choose from. There’s a lot more choice when it comes to women’s winter wear, so prepare to try a few different looks.

Classy and feminine

Who says dresses are only for summer? For the woman who likes to showcase her best feminine looks in the winter, opt for long floral or jumper dresses, thick tights and classic ankle boots. Top off your outfit with a fitted coat or timeless trench.

Grunge and gorgeous

Grunge is making a comeback. Think dark colours, monotone prints and warming leather. Layer up with pops of colour and a dark jacket, twinned with black skinny jeans. Finish your look with some hi-tops or chunky boots.

Countryside chic

Whether you’re taking a winter stroll or heading for coffee with friends, the countryside look is always in style. You love a tweed jacket paired with skinny jeans and knee-high boots. You could even add a winter fedora if you’re feeling ultra-lux. For extra warmth, throw on a white shirt with a fleece or gilet under your coat.

Winter wear for kids

Keeping the kids warm is always your priority, and you can usually dress them in similar styles to yourself, with layers and warm jeans. Coats or snowsuits are essential, too, as are winter accessories like gloves, scarves and hats.

It’s best to get a selection of accessories to ensure there’s at least one they’ll wear! You should also ensure their winter footwear has some water resistance for those muddy puddles.

What is the best winter clothing material?

Winter wear comes in a variety of different materials, with something to suit every style. The best winter clothing material is warming yet breathable. Consider wool, cotton or fleece when shopping for cold-weather gear. Outerwear and shoes with water-resistant materials are also good choices for wet winter days.

How to put together a winter outfit

Putting together your winter outfit should be easy once you’ve got all the essentials. We always recommend keeping it simple with a ‘base layer’ before adding more layers to see what works. For example, if you’re channelling a sporty look, opt for a long sleeve top and leggings as your base. You can then add a casual sweatshirt, comfy hi-tops and a bomber jacket.

Now that you know everything there is to know about winter wear, you can start shopping to suit your style. Don’t forget to complete your outfit with some good sturdy winter shoes like those in our MTE range.