December 2, 2021


Vault by Vans celebrated artist Geoff McFetridge deliver a vibrant capsule of apparel and footwear that embodies genuine creative expression and timeless style. McFetridge applies his signature sensibility and eclectic approach to five iconic Vans silhouettes in a diverse array of graphic styles that demonstrate the power of imagery. 

“As a skater I have a close personal history with Vans,” McFetridge shared. “I have done a number of projects over the years but this collection was an opportunity to create a microcosm of my personal history with the brand.

Vault by Vans x Geoff McFetridge leads with the OG Authentic LX and OG Slip-On LX featuring a series of recreations of fabrics pulled from the artist’s favorite items, like a worn shirt he wears for painting and his trusted 20-year-old tote bag.

Two additional styles round out the collection’s footwear offering. The OG Style 38 NS features artwork in the form of a label of McFetridge’s “Jump” graphic and the OG Lampin LX is decorated with a minimalist, hand-drawn sketch exploring figure and form. 

A selection of apparel completes the collection, including hoodies and sweats, hats, totes and socks, each decorated with various icons from Geoff McFetridge’s invented world. 

Vault by Vans x Geoff McFetridge will be available beginning December 2, 2021 at Vault by Vans retailers.