Everything you need to know about ComfyCush

Love your Vans, but need a little extra cushioning? Our new ComfyCush collection of sneakers could be exactly what you’re looking for. With all the designs you know and love re-engineered for optimum cushioning, suppleness and support, ComfyCush shoes are the best of both worlds. Classic style and updated hi-tech comfort.

What is Vans ComfyCush?

The Vans ComfyCush collection enhances the classic, original skate shoes with superior cushioning and comfort, fabrics and flexibility. The name says it all. Vans ComfyCush shoes have been re-engineered with comfort as the goal.

Foam and rubber are co-moulded to create a softer outsole. Additional arch support prevents fatigue over time. Seamless interiors wipe out chafing. We’ve taken some of our favourite shoe styles and added ComfyCush engineering:

With twice the underfoot padding compared to our classic shoes, Comfycush Vans feel like walking on a cloud.

Do ComfyCush Vans look the same as original Vans?

ComfyCush Vans sneakers channel the essence of all our classic Vans shoes with minor aesthetic updates. However, none of the changes take away from the overall appearance of the original Vans shoe people know and love.

Vans are recognised around the world for the distinctive waffle sole. The sole on a pair of ComfyCush Vans looks slightly different to the original, but the classic waffle and look of the shoe is maintained. The foam sole is fused with the classic Vans gum rubber outsole. The ComfyCush tech is visible but the tread maintains the same amount of rubber as the originals shoes.

Most of the ComfyCush updates are internal, giving the feel of a cushioned running shoe with the look of a skate-style classic.

The ComfyCush Slip-On Shoes are available in the same, signature checkerboard style that has become instantly recognisable around the world. Constructed to improve comfort without sacrificing the signature style.

Is ComfyCush durable?

The durability of ComfyCush shoes maintains the high Vans reputation achieved through years of wear and tear. Premium fabrication and a construction process honed over five decades have set the standard for durability in skate culture and beyond.

The Vans ComfyCush Old Skool Shoes combines superior cushioning technology with the classic, durable suede and canvas uppers. Trusted by skaters to handle intense wear and tear, these shoes are built to last.

Is Vans ComfyCush sizing unisex?

Vans sizing is gender inclusive. From the creation of our original deck shoes through to our ComfyCush Old Skools, Vans shoes are made for everyone and enjoyed by all.

Unisex sizing can be found on the labels of most Vans. Some of our designs are referred to as men’s or women’s simply because of the typical manufacturing size range. Don’t feel restricted by labels, choose the style and size that works for you.

Since day one, we have been committed to individual expression of style. Our ComfyCush range continues that mission, upgrading the comfort of the instantly recognisable, incredibly durable Vans skate shoe.