October 26, 2022 | SKATEBOARDING


Vans Presents Episode 3 of “Cut Down: 30 Years of the Half Cab”

A look at the evolution of the Half Cab and the shoe’s legacy with skateboarding’s future generations

CUT DOWN: 30 Years Of The Vans Half Cab | Episode 3: Cab Legacy | Skate | VANS

CUT DOWN: 30 Years Of The Vans Half Cab | Episode 3: Cab Legacy | Skate | VANS

Vans, the global leader in skateboarding for more than 50 years, is proud to present the third episode of Cut Down: 30 Years Of The Half Cab, the newest installment in a three-part series celebrating the influence and resiliency of the most iconic skate shoe of all time.

Vans worked with acclaimed documentary filmmaker Patrick O’Dell to produce the series, which takes viewers on a journey from the Half Cab’s scissors-and-duct-tape beginnings through the height of vert and street skating, while highlighting the silhouette’s influence on today’s generation of skateboarders.

The Half Cab, and the free-spirited vibes it represents and embodies, belongs to the kids; to the future generations; to the innovators that continue to push what’s possible on a board. In Episode 3, we see skate legends and the next generation of rising talent talk about the influence of the Half Cab on skating’s legacy and the shoe’s continued influence, illustrated by skateboarding from the likes of Una Farrar, Daiki Hoshino, Pedro Delfino and Nick Michel, among others from across the globe.

Skaters across time zones and generations have been drawn to the Half Cab, a testament that speaks to the shoe’s iconic design and functionality. The silhouette and its unfailing and unflappable design have been foundational in skateboarding and the evolution of its culture through the years.

Photographer Atiba Jefferson sums up the ethos of Vans Half Cab: “If you know you make a good product, stick to it and never change, regardless of what the trends do. A good product will always circle back, and that’s what’s happened with the Half Cab.”

Watch episode three of Cut Down: 30 Years of the Vans Half Cab at vans.com/HalfCab.
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