Vans premieres Listen to the Eyes

Vans’ First Women’s Snowboarding Film

Vans proudly announces the official worldwide release of  Listen to the Eyes, the brand’s first women’s snowboarding film. Directed by legendary snowboard filmmaker, Jake Price, Listen to the Eyes is shot entirely on Kodak 16mm film throughout the Pacific Northwest and features Vans global snow team riders Hana Beaman and Mary Rand, as well as Canadian snow team rider Leanne Pelosi. With an original soundtrack scored by Vans Europe surf team rider Lee Ann Curren, this short-length film project showcases the essence of the Vans women’s snow team, illustrating their creative expression both on and off the snow.

Vans Listen To The Eyes


“Following up Vans’ film LANDLINE. with an all-backcountry women’s film is the coolest thing we can give to snowboarding. The team really stepped it up for this project and we focused on filming in new locations that no one had been to before and that definitely paid off in unique footage. The team’s drive and skill impressed me every single day.”

– Jake Price, Director

Vans Listen To The Eyes

“It was cool to have such a tight crew and to be working so closely all season for Listen to the Eyes. Having Mary on board was fun and rad to watch even though challenging at times. It reminded me a bit of my own entry into the backcountry. I got to relive some of my own struggles by helping her and it was great to see her grow and push herself. She brought new energy to the crew.”

– Hana Beaman, Vans global snow team rider

Vans Listen To The Eyes

“Filming for Listen to the Eyes was absolutely unreal for me. I was 100% throw in over my head in regard to snowmobiling, heli-boarding, filming and riding in the backcountry. I owe everything to Hana, Jake, and Leanne, they shared so much of their expertise with me and I wouldn't have survived without their unconditional support.”

– Mary Rand, Vans global snow team rider

Vans Listen To The Eyes

Vans’ newest women’s snowboarding film, Listen to the Eyes is available to watch here!

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