Featuring Arthur Longo, Sami Luhtanen, Will Smith, Sparrow Knox, Markus Keller and many others, First Layer is a raw and condensed look back at the 2015 winter, documenting a journey through the night of Lapland to the mountainous terrain of Patagonia, and deep Alpine powder.

Delivering a blend of street riding, backcountry and travel, Vans' European Team presents their vision of snowboarding.

First Layer is edited by Austrian master of video, Pirmin Juffinger, and brought to you by Vans. French photographer, art director and long-standing member of the Vans Family – Matt Georges – also documented the journey. Compiling his favourite shots from last winter, First Layer also comes to life as a 100page printed book, available for free, exclusively and in limited quantities from your favourite local snowboard store.

Watch the full edit now on YouTube