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Skateboarding in Beijing
The spirit of skateboarding passes from the original generation to the next.

Skateboarding in China is at a turning point. For decades the skate community was incredibly small, and operated without much support. But now, the first generation of Chinese skateboarders are adults- parents, skateshop owners, mentors - and are embracing this opportunity to pass the torch and share the beauty of skateboarding with the next generation. In turn, the skate culture in China is growing in ways that would have been impossible just 20 years ago. It’s created something incredibly unique; A community of all ages, all supporting and celebrating each other through their shared love of skateboarding.

"Skateboarding just started in Chinain the 1990’s. There was opposition.Many parents worried about theirchildren skipping classes just togo skateboarding."-Xiao Yao
"There weren't any (good) skateparkslike this in Beijing. Now that wehave a great environment here...skateboarding is really thriving."-Zhu Weidong
"The more we share with the nextgeneration...the skateboarding familywill grow bigger and better."-Xiao Yao