Are Vans Unisex?

Are Vans unisex?

From the launch of our first pair of Authentic deck shoes, right up to our most recent collections, Vans have been created to be inclusive of all genders. The designs, fits and sizes can be enjoyed and worn by anyone. 

When we sit down to design a shoe, our main mission is to give the greatest choice and the perfect fit. Although you can find designs which are more feminine or more masculine, you’re free to shop whatever you like—every shoe is designed to be comfortable and stylish, no matter who you are.

Here’s an insider look at how we develop our classic unisex skate shoes to appeal to people from all walks of life. Explore campaigns from around the world and discover how we work to inspire all genders to express themselves.


Diverse design

Our 50-year heritage is built on equality, diversity and stylish unisex shoes. We’ve spent years perfecting a comfy, hard-wearing, sticky-soled skate shoe that anyone of any gender can use to take on the skatepark or the street. Our customers are diverse, so we’ve always made sure our designs are equally as diverse.

Equality and equal representation are so important to us that in 2017, we launched our ‘This is Off The Wall’ campaign to show the world how diverse our customers are and how we’ve been celebrating them through charity work. 

Because skate culture can often be seen as male-dominated, it was important to us to include the Vanguards: a group of inspirational women from Brazil, Japan and the US, who shared what skating – and skate style – means to them. We also hosted a series of women's skate workshops on International Women’s Day, along with skate clinics run by the women featured in the campaign.


Are Vans Unisex?


Diversity is about giving everyone the chance to represent themselves, so we previously worked with ‘Girls Skate India’, which helps young women to enjoy the world of skating—something which is still considered an ‘outsider’ pursuit in India. 

These campaigns focus on creativity and how we can support young women and girls in getting creative and gaining confidence from the world of skateboarding. Thanks to our heritage as a unisex skate shoe brand, we can empower the skate community as a whole, so everyone feels like they can put on a pair of Vans and achieve amazing things. 


What is the difference between men’s and women’s Vans? 

So what is the difference between men’s and women’s Vans if they’re considered a unisex shoe? Good question! There are a few subtle differences in our shoes, such as the size ranges on offer (men often need larger sizes) and the colours or patterns that customers prefer.



Though nearly all Vans are labelled with unisex sizing, some styles are still classified by gender because women’s styles don’t have the same size run as men’s. For example, Vans men’s shoes go up to a UK size 15, where women’s go up to a UK size 8.5. If you’re ever unsure which size will fit you best, you can check the size guide on each product page or in the FAQs to make sure you get it right.


Vans shoes are available in a range of styles, from neutral to slightly more masculine or feminine. Some of our masculine styles may be harder to find in smaller women’s sizes and vice versa but all of them have the same medium width and trademark Vans fit. You’ll still have access to all Vans’ most iconic styles when you shop according to your gender, the only difference is that you’re more likely to find your perfect size!


Are Vans Unisex?


Are unisex Vans narrower than other shoes? 

Vans shoes have a medium width but are often considered narrower than other shoes. 

Because they’re designed to last, it’s important to find the right fit, so we recommend you try before you buy. Drop by your local Vans store to ask questions and explore to the ranges on offer.

When it comes to choosing your Vans shoes, there aren’t any rules about what men or women can wear—you’re free to choose whichever style suits you best! We started out on a mission to give everyone the opportunity to express their own skate style and it’s a mission we’ve continued to uphold. 

So...are Vans unisex? Absolutely.

Are Vans Unisex?