Slip-On Vans: Product Guide

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Combining effortless style and versatility, Slip-On Vans have grown into skate and fashion icons in their own right. Want to learn more about these classic shoes? Here, you’ll learn more about Slip-on Vans’ rich history, plus key styling tips and a whole lot more.

History of Slip-On Vans

Slip-On Vans first made waves in California in the 1960s. Originally an easy-wearing skate shoe loved by boarders for its sturdy construction and super sticky soles, these iconic shoes quickly gained traction in the fashion world, too.

An urban fashion staple seen from the inner city to the high street, Vans Slip-Ons soon established themselves as a cultural icon. Since then, the popularity of Slip-On Vans has only soared further as the shoes have continued to evolve. With new patterns, collaborations, and limited editions, today you’ll spot Slip-Ons across high fashion editorials as well as in skate parks the world over.


How to wear Slip-On Vans

Slip-On Vans are true-style chameleons. From their home atop a board to the city streets and beyond, these versatile shoes can adapt to just about any setting.

Here’s some style inspiration if you’re looking for new ways to wear your favourite Slip-Ons:

Low-key street style

Go for full-on urban vibes and wear your Slip-On Vans with ripped jeans, a graphic tee, an oversized hoodie and your go-to beanie. Add in a Vans backpack to keep all your essentials safe and easy to reach.

Easy summer vibes

Warm summer day? Ladies can pair their favourite Slip-On Vans with high-waisted shorts and a breezy tank top. Men can go for light-coloured Slip-On Vans with linen or cotton shorts and a casual button-down shirt. Add in a peaked cap for a look that’s effortless.

Workplace casual

Break the mould of traditional work clothes with the right pair of Slip-On Vans. Men can pair their dark-coloured Slip-On Vans with tailored trousers and a tucked-in button-down shirt for a work-appropriate look that still carries a touch of skater edge. Women can style their Slip-On Vans with cropped or long-tailored work pants and a smart blouse for a comfy look.


Team up your Slip-On Vans with joggers, your favourite tee and a denim jacket. Great for a day out with friends, a coffee run or just about anything else.


Pairing Slip-On Vans with accessories

Vans is all about making skate style all your own. So don’t be afraid to boost the accessories and details that make your style stand out.

Plus, Slip-On Vans are available in dozens of colours and prints. That makes mixing and matching other parts of your outfit easy and exciting. Go for high-contrast looks to turn heads, or keep things in the same style family for a more coordinated look.

Bags and backpacks

Match your Slip-On Vans with a Vans backpack or a sleek crossbody bag. Bright colours are all about standing out in the crowd. Or choose more neutral shades for looks that work anywhere.

Hats and caps

A baseball cap or a beanie can be a great addition to an outfit with Slip-On Vans, especially for a sporty or streetwear feel.


The no-sock look is popular with Slip-On Vans. But you can also make a statement with bold, patterned, or high-rise socks.

Where to wear your Slip-On Vans

Slip-On Vans’ natural environment might be the skate park, but they’re a great choice just about any time you need a comfy shoe. The trick to styling them lies in the rest of your outfit - they’re easy to dress up or down.

Weekend errands and hangouts

Headed out for a quick trip to the shops or meeting friends at a trendy new spot? Slip-On Vans are an easy go-to. The classic checkerboard design is a classic choice for these kinds of low-key occasions, but brights, neutrals and prints can all work great.


When you're on the move, Slip-On Vans are perfect. Comfortable and easy to take off and put back on, opt for cushioned or platform Slip-On Vans styles for added comfort. An extra dose of cushioning is great for long walks around airport terminals or exploring new places.

Festivals and concerts

Stand out in the crowd with a pair of brightly coloured or limited-edition Slip-On Vans. ComfyCush styles are perfect here. They're not only trendy but keep you going in comfort if you’re on your feet for long hours.

Gym and light workouts

While not suitable for intense athletics, Slip-On Vans are great for light exercise sessions, yoga, or a walk in the park. It’s all thanks to their comfortable soles and breathable design.


Slip-On Vans variations and styles

Slip-On Vans aren’t just a single style of shoe. Rather, there’s a whole family of Slip-Ons out there, each with subtle style tweaks for different occasions and uses.

If you’re wondering which is best for you, think about how you’ll spend most of your time wearing them. Classic options make perfect everyday and skate shoes, while the more padded varieties are perfect as walking shoes or if you’re on your feet for long periods.

  • Classic Slip-On Vans: The true originals, usually featuring the iconic checkerboard pattern or solid colours. Ideal for boarding or every day.

  • Knu Slips: A modern interpretation of a classic 90s style, defined by a puffed-up tongue and contoured collar for extra support.

  • Kids Slip-Ons: Ranging from kid-orientated designs that they will love to styles matching the adult options.

  • Limited Editions and Collaborations: Unique designs in collaboration with artists, brands, and other pop culture icons. Great for everything from the skate park to the high street.
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    Caring for your Slip-On Vans

    Caring for your Slip-On Vans the right way means you’ll keep them looking great for ages. Here are some tips when it comes to looking after your favourites:

    How to clean your Slip-On Vans

    Use a soft brush or cloth to remove any dirt on the outside of the shoes. For tougher stains or rubbed-in dirt, mix mild soap with water and gently scrub. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as these might damage the fabric.

    Also, always let your Slip-Ons fully air dry. Keep them away from direct heat to prevent warping of the sole or fabric. Finally make sure to store your Vans in a cool, dry place. Always make sure they’re dry before packing them away to avoid any mould growth or odours.

    You can also check out our guide on how to clean your vans for further tips and tricks to ensure your favourite pair of vans stay fresh.


    How to stretch Slip-On Vans

    Sometimes a new pair of shoes can feel a touch tight. But going up a size means a too-loose fit. If your Slip-On Vans feel a little too snug, there are a few ways to gently stretch them out without causing damage:

  • Wear thick socks: Wear thick, woolly socks and wear the shoes around the house for a few hours. Wiggle your feet and toes for an even stretch.

  • Use a shoe stretcher: Insert a shoe stretcher overnight for a gradual stretch.

  • Professional help: If DIY methods don't work, consider taking your Vans to a shoe repair shop for a professional to take a look.
  • Grab your favourite pair of Slip-On Vans

    Slip-On Vans are all about comfort and skate-inspired cool that works both on and off the board. Plus, with so many designs and patterns to choose from, they’re all about letting you showcase your unique style.

    Looking for a new pair of Vans? Check out our range of Slip-On Vans today. Or browse our Classics, Hi Tops, Low Tops or MTE options (for extra warmth and comfort).